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MoseCMS is short for “My Open Source Easy/Extensible/Editable CMS

  1. It has support for TinyMCE, FCKEditor, Spaw2, plain, and various others
  2. It has various way to extend the core via: macro, extension, mods, cmods, apps, connectors, etc (there are so much to say in this topic!)
  3. It has several managers to support the above add-ons.
  4. In the heart it is just a online editable web page but can be extend to have script code in it and can be extend using various add-ons that described above
  5. The core is very small, it has just a handful of classes and function and the core can be locate any where after the initial install
  6. It has support for various positions and you are free to create even more…
  7. It has backend admin which can have its own template or be a copy the frontend template.
  8. It has backend admin skin and frontend skin. The skin are selectable via config mamager.
  9. It has database support via various packages and connectors with the use of ez_sql, adodb, dbi4php that has various database drivers.
  10. and more…