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  Why MoseCMS?

  * As a volunteer at site where we demo lots of CMS and in my search for CMS effort and you can find my effort at I found that there is no perfect CMS and I can't find one that meet my need.  Thus from my research and from people feedback on what they are looking for in a CMS that are the features set that I develop for MoseCMS.  The most important is it has to be small, it is editable, and most of all it must be easy and extensible!  MoseCMS draws lot of inspiration from many CMS that I came across, so to name a few, Mambo, Joomla, Nuke, many framework like CakePHP, etc.  I port my Mambo template and MosModule into MoseCMS easily!

  What is unique about MoseCMS?

  * For convenience of template designer it has a handful of API call that template designer can use like: mosecmsMainBody(), mosecmsLoadInHeader(), mosecmsCurrentTemplated(), etc.  But the really unique about MoseCMS is it single global variable "mosecms", all MoseCMS API are available through this one variable.  You only need to make one global declaration and all of MoseCMS internal API will be available for you to use any where and every where!
  * The real strength of MoseCMS is in the add-ons.  It is very extensible!  Lot of way like I describe above!  
  * For example the editors are written as loader which is a MoseCMS add-on for editor.  This loader will load the editor packages from the respective packages folder so you can easily upgrade any of the editor by just drop in the new editor package.  That's it!
  * Multi sites can be easily achieve by mean of sharing the core.  You can create as many sites as you want just set the path to the share core in the config manager.  Each site will have its own set of add-ons and templates, etc
  * MoseCMS can easily be upgrade one time for all sites that share the same core.
  * It does not take any special feature from PHP 5 so it should be able to run with PHP 4.

  What is the core of MoseCMS?

  * It is still evolving but currently it has:, class.main and base, class.admin and base, class.helpers and class.setup and base and may be some packages like AJAX, etc.  That's it!